Young & Riccio

The legal system, the courts, and the government form a complex maze of requirements, options and opportunities. To successfully navigate the legal process and to insightfully make the most important decisions, you need an experienced attorney's guidance. A lawyer who knows the law, the courts, your rights, and you.

Over Fifty Years Combined Experience

The lawyers of  Young & Riccio, have been practicing law in Connecticut State and Federal Courts for over fifty years combined.  They are adept and experienced at handling various criminal and civil legal matters. With three offices, located in Bridgeport, Greenwich, and Orange, Connecticut, our law firm has generally focused on the practice areas of criminal defense, personal injury, and Second Amendment issues.  Whether you were charged or arrested, injured, sued, or deprived of property, privileges, or rights, our experienced and skilled lawyers are ready to commit themselves to obtaining the best resolution for you.

Lawyers for the Best Possible Solution

When hiring a law firm and an attorney, it is important to consider numerous factors. A good lawyer knows the law; a great lawyer knows the law and the courts. You want a lawyer with experience and skill, in whom you are confident entrusting life's most important matters. You need counsel who demonstrates a thorough understanding of your issues and can relate a detailed plan of resolution toward a specific result. Important skills and factors are:

  • Experience and Reputation
  • Communication
  • Insightful and current knowledge of the law
  • Able to predict likely outcomes from various scenarios
  • Insight into the legal process
  • Detailed and thorough in assessments and performance

Contact Our Bridgeport and Greenwich Criminal Law Attorneys

If you need an experienced attorney who daily handles court matters, schedule a free initial consultation with our law firm. Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and weekends and holidays by appointment. Contact us online or call us in our Bridgeport office at 203-367-0054, our Greenwich office at 203-625-8180 or our Orange office at 203-367-0054.